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17 Years of Beeping Mystery Solved by Astronomers

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Last Updated: May 7, 2015


In the Parke’s Observatory, which is located in Australia, astronomers have had a strange signal since the year of 1998. There was a constant beeping in, which they couldn’t find a solution or an explanation. Now, at this bright day they have found it which caused the beeping. It was a microwave.

Tracking Down The Signal

The astronomers and researchers at the Parkes Observatory have searched for the signal, as I have stated in the first paragraph, for 17 years. The search started with the astronomers looking into the telescope where they have experienced strong signals from the distance of 5 kilometres of the telescope. These signals have happened once or twice each year from 1998 and it has never stopped. They have called these beeps perytons, which is the meaning of a mythological animal.

This year the researchers have discovered a strong signal of 2.4 GHZ, which they have probably thought was an electric device. Their first guess was the microwave in the cafeteria, however, as they checked it they haven’t found the desired frequency.

“If you set it to heat and pull it open to have a look, it generates interference,” one of the researchers of the Parkes Observatory has said after they have found out that the microwave oven has caused the signal. They have not realized that the device was the thing that has caused the interference in the astronomers’ signal, however, as they have seen that somebody has constantly left the oven of the microwave open they have found out that the device was both the key and the cause for the problem.

A Really Annoying Problem

Just imagine that you are a scientist who is working at a big and pretty famous institution and there is a mystery that you can’t solve. It would be pretty annoying, right? That’s why the astronomers and the researchers of the Parkes Observatory in Australia have spent 17 years on this problem. Of course, they have done this on a low priority, I’m sure they had more important things to do at the observatory than finding details about a strange signal, which has been found out that it was caused by a microwave oven, which has been left open by one of their colleagues in the cafeteria of the institution.

Annoying Problem

It is a pretty funny fact for us but is it as funny as us for the researchers and the workers of the institution too? If they have a sense of humor yes, however, there are bosses all over the world, who would fire you only for just leaving the microwave oven open. People are cruel, however, I’m sure in the Parkes Observatory in Australia nobody has gotten fired. I don’t know why I am that sure about this fact, however, why would an institution fire talented and smart people for a silly thing that could not even be considered as a mistake? The best bosses would consider this as a fun fact.

Space Program

They say that the generation of ours missed the discovery of the Earth and we have born too early to experience the discovery of the galaxy. However, if you listen to my opinion, there will be huge discoveries in the space, bigger ones than those ones that have been previously made in the 1900s. Especially with private companies that have been designing new types of spacecraft, the discovery of the galaxy will turn out to be faster. If a company or a country could design a spacecraft that is able to travel much faster than the current ones than that would mean that humanity could reach several other planets that have been unreachable by us. For example, researchers could not only go to the Mars to examine the planet, but they could travel to Saturn or Jupiter to examine the planet from a closer look. The best would be if the budget for the expeditions is raised, however, there are much more important things to do currently on the Earth. We need to solve several diplomatic, economic and issues that are regarding about society. However, a major discovery of the galaxy could help us to solve these issues too.

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