4 Of The Craziest Fast-Food Lawsuits Ever

Some cases that have been filed in connection with fast-foods can be described in just one word “wacky’. People use the court system to bite the hand that feeds them. Let’s have a look at some of these lawsuits.

The lawsuit over sprouts


This happened in Los Angeles. Heather Starks noticed that her sandwich didn’t have the sprouts that had been described with her order.

Documents show that she accused the sandwich chain of a number of wrongdoings, including perpetrating fraud and violating state’s False Advertising Act. Even though the chain denies any wrongdoing, it is settling the complaint as quickly as possible.

The lawsuit over soda prices


This happened in New York about 20 years ago. A woman sued Burger King Restaurant for selling a large soda for 89 cents while in another location a little further from her home the same soda was sold for 69 cents.

Rather than walking that extra distance to get the soda cheaply, she chose to sue the restaurant. The restaurant won the case through arbitration.

The lawsuit over booths being too small

3 booths

This case was filed in New York in 2009. Martin Kessman, a big bodied man, realized he could not fit between the chair and table at his local burger joint. He tried to sit at a booth but the space was too narrow for him because the tables and booths were bolted to the floor.

Martin hurt his knee while trying to fit in. one thing led to another until Martin filed a suit against White Castle for the violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). But it is reported that he later withdrew the case after free-standing chairs were added to the joint.

The lawsuit over coffee being too hot

4 hot cof

A woman from Albuquerque spilled a cup of coffee from McDonald’s on her lap while she was in a passenger seat. She got a third-degree burn that kept her in hospital for seven days. She contacted the company if they could reimburse her medical expenses.

The leaders of the Golden Arches took her to court. She won the case and was awarded $160,000 for compensatory damages and an additional $480,000 for punitive damages.

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