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5G Network Speed To Be Defined As 20 Gbps By The ITU

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Last Updated: May 11, 2016

It’s no surprise really that we’re always going forward in terms of technology and speed, but you might still be excited to hear that 5G speed is now on the horizon and that the standard speed for the network has now been defined. The ITU (International Telecommunication Union), responsible for information and communication technology topics, has now announced that it has defined the speed that will from now on by referred as “5G”. Let’s look at the announcement a little bit more details and draw a few comparisons so that we can better understand what’s ahead of us. What’s the target for these new 5G networks? 2020 is the current estimation, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some information available yet.

New Name and Speed

First off, the 5G network does have another name in that it’s called IMT-2020. As a reference, the previous networks, 3G and 4G, were called IMT-2000 and IMT-Advanced respectively. A final decision is also to be taken to finalize this other name for the 5G network. This new network will notably be faster for use with things like ultra-HD video as well as live apps that will be consumed all over the world. Its speed could go up to 20 gigabytes per second, which is around five times better than what the current 4G networks are currently offering. Mobile consumption is booming all over the world, and this network represents what’s needed to fuel the next generation of content, and its growing quality of course.

Another important fact concerning this announcement by the ITU is that the new speed and network should be available for trial at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics Games, so what better way to symbolize such a large international digital infrastructure by presenting it for the first time at one of the biggest global reunions of them all.

Linked To The Internet Of Things (Iot)

5g Network Speed

Does the 5G speed have another planned use? Well, if you have heard about the Internet of Things (or IoT), this new network will be looking to fuel exactly that. First off, the Internet of Things is the building of a bigger network, and not only objects (things), but also people. With data sharing in mind, the Internet of Things is a bigger and more interconnected world where everything from your home appliance to your personal mobile data, communicate with a permanent connection to take better decisions. If things and people are all interconnected, with a better understanding of each other, perhaps better decisions will ensue. The things in this network could be the important data coming from a city water treatment plant, to the simple coffee maker in your home. Previously, there weren’t so many objects with Internet included in it, but now more things are coming with an Internet connection almost ready to be fired to communicate with the rest.

This could pose an issue concerning security, which is another thing that will need to be worked on in association with the unveiling of the new 5G speed. Previously, the Internet meant that you would log in through either your computer or a smaller device also meant specifically for that task, but the Internet of Things is about to give the Internet a whole new role. Above all, this is a concept that has been in talks for years and that we are seeing evolve in front of us. Not only will the Internet and wireless networks be quicker, but the devices will be much more varied and fulfill different roles. Then of course, the business world will take on a new shape as well to reflect this and there’s almost no telling what the world will look like many years from now. Some companies are even taking a step further into the topic such as Intel ( with a website filled with opportunities and perspective around the future world of IoT which the new 5G speed will obviously be a part of.

The unveiling of this 5G name and speed is just one of many signs that the Internet is about to transform and affect our lives in a different way. Are you ready for this new speed? What do you think the Internet of Things will bring to us? Better cars, safer cities, or simply better coffee? Hopefully this new web will be not only quicker, but also safer for all of us who will take on these new smart devices at home or at work.

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