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7 Famous Statues that Made it to the Headlines

Amy Winehouse was honored on her 31st birthday on September 14 by erecting a life-size bronze statue of her in Camden, London. There were some who said that it didn’t look like her, but other fans were happy that it has her beehive hairdo and other trademarks that point to her.

Here are some other famous statues that made it to the headlines:

  1. Michael Jackson. A 7ft 6in statue of the King of Pop was built in Craven Cottage. A lot of people didn’t like it, they asked for it to be removed. The owner did not oblige. When the club was sold to another owner, it was later on taken down due to insistent public demand.12 1
  2. Paddington Bear. This statue in Paddington Station looks like a pig and an ewok mixed together.12 2
  3. Andy Murray. He looks dumbfounded in this terra cotta warrior statue.12 3
  4. Elvis Presley. There is an Elvis Presley statue placed in Neve, Israel and it seems like they people there want to return it to whoever sent it to the place.12 4
  5. Salvador Dali. This statue in Cadaques, Costa Brava looks great if you have a couple of drinks from the bar near it.12 5
  6. Johann Strauss. The Austrian composer’s golden statue has a golden violin has a beard that looks kind of weird.12 6

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