A woman seeks to crowd-fund her abortion

A woman, only known as Bailey, sought crowd-funding to secure an abortion through GoFundMe.

The 23-year old woman set up a page to ask for $2,500 to pay for the operation. She claimed she was having a rough, unplanned and unexpected pregnancy.


GoFundMe has so far brought the page down following so many complaints that it received. And the site now says it no longer wants to be associated with the woman saying that using the platform to finance abortion was a step too far. This issue raised questions about how crowd-funding websites should be used.


A statement fro GoFundMe to BBC stated that in case a campaign contain questionable content, they will conduct an internal review so as to determine the most appropriate course of action. They went further to say that that due to the volume of campaigns, the reviews are conduced on a case-by-case basis. GoFundMe reserves the right to cancel any fundraiser they choose, for any reason.


Surprisingly more than 100 people had already sent their donations amounting to a total of $1,654 and GoFundMe said it forward to her the cash even though they were not legally obliged to do so.

According to Bailey’s friend GoFundMe plus external support allowed her to meet her goal of $2,500. Her operation is being carried out this week.


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