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Alphabet Introduced in a Reorganization Move from Google

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Last Updated: Dec 12, 2017

It’s been a long time since the creation of Google and it looks like the current leadership thinks it’s time for a change and shift in how the company operates. This starts with the creation of Alphabet, which is basically a reorganization on the corporate end. In the past couple of years, people have been hearing how Google was involved in plenty of research projects and the new entity looks to hold Google and the other activity sectors as separate companies. The new name Alphabet might sound weird to some, but in a letter ( to the staff, Larry Page, who will be the CEO of the new company, explains that this change is all part of Google’s philosophy and that the company has never been a stranger to a bit of risk taking in favor of strong innovation. The letter then outlines the health projects Google is now involved in and that Sundar Pichai will be the CEO of Google. This switch also marks a change in the name of shares, although everything else is to remain the same on that end.

So, Google then becomes what’s called a subsidiary of this new company called Alphabet. Another thing being separated from the old Google is of course Google X, which involves their selection of moonshot projects which aim to pay off big in the future. Google X has part been of what has been keeping Google in the headlines over the past couple of years with ambitious projects such as drones and the Google Driverless car. These projects just go to show how Google is (was) a much more varied company and that it was time for a reorganization of things.

This is an interesting shift in that bigger companies tend to resist change over time, but Google/Alphabet seems to be on a mission to prove that wrong and keep innovating. People were surprised all over the world on the day of the announcement and that might indicate how Google is still aiming to remain associated with novelty.

An Impact Towards Image

How will this impact Google’s image towards the public? Well, perhaps some confusion at first is expected as to why the change has occurred, but overall this could be seen in a good light in an attempt to keep the company fresh. Positive actions was registered on the stock exchange for the company following the announcement. People don’t seem to be worried as this is a reorganization of things and the CEOs involved seem to reign in full confidence. Alphabet is a new company that englobes other ones, and seem to be one that’s more about vision and organization than drastic changes. Still, not many people would expect a big company like this to make such a sudden announcement, but perhaps this is just a move from Google to keep people on the edge of their seats.

Google has undergone important evolution since its creation, first starting off as a research engine project, and then moving on to important projects that are now affecting our daily lives such as Google Maps and of course Android on mobile. Along the way, Google also picked up video giant YouTube to further gain more control of what makes the web of today. Android and YouTube are both to stay within the current Google company under the current changes. Alphabet has also stated that this will allow greater effort to be put in on what really counts at Google.

Overall, this could be seen as another statement from Google that they don’t intend to fit the mold even as a giant company. Reorganization can always be scary, even for the public, but when the intentions from the company are stated as a transparent way like Google did with Alphabet, there’s a little less worry that things could go wrong. The same main cards will be in place for them at Google while new health projects and Google X continue to expand the company into new horizons. Even admitting that the new name would take some more time to get used to, Google didn’t seem to leave much in the dark when making this reorganization change. More details to be found at

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