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Apple to Discontinue Iphone 5c as Iphones 6 are Introduced

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Last Updated: Sep 4, 2015

When anything new comes around, the old must go, and Apple is announcing that it will discontinue the iPhone 5C when the new generation of iPhones is made available during the second week of September. The news isn’t necessarily something that wasn’t expected since at the end of 2014 there were already talks that the 5C line would be the next one to get the boot. This phone did initially very well when it was released in 2013, although it lost popularity along the way and is now being discontinued. The iPhone 6 is looking to be an exciting new product that will take over the iPhone brand with a splash coming this fall.

5C Going Out Of The Lineup

When it comes to the iPhone 5C, it did make a good impression with some colorful offerings, but in the end is looking to have its run ended pretty quickly. Some might be disappointed since the 5C did fill a role in the line, but the latest information around the web indicates that iPhone buyers will need to look elsewhere. On the good side, it might be a good occasion for some people to get some deals on the last iPhone 5C that will be going off the web and be shipping on the web.

However, iPhone buyers won’t necessarily have to go for the iPhone 6 series as the iPhone 5S will most likely stay among the possibilities that customers can go for. The iPhone 5 received much more positive critics than the 5C and it might’ve played in the decision to keep the S in the lineup. The 5S is a very well-constructed phone that remains closer to a classic in the head of recent iPhone owners. The use of iOS 7.0 as its operating system, some good hardware with the A7 processor and PowerVR G6430 graphics, and a more professional look seems to have made this more of a winner during the past few years. The possibility of using fingerprint to unlock your phone was one of the other interesting features that make the iPhone 5S still an attractive phone to this day.

Then, it’s not only the features that could’ve lead to this decision but also the numbers of sales that these two models gathered. The iPhone 5S has been a best-selling hit, while the 5C has been struggling to reach the same success, and it looks like Apple is now looking to discontinue the phone.

Color Not The Way To Go?

i phone5ci phone6c

Surely, there will be some disappointed customers, but does this necessarily mean that colors aren’t the way to go when it comes to iPhones? Indeed, it could be disappointing to see the next versions of the iPhone come only in more conservative colors since the iPhone 5C didn’t do so well, but perhaps Apple should remember what happened with the iPod in the past. Eventually, people would want to go ahead and be unique and various color themes would be the ideal way to do that. Perhaps the 5C didn’t exactly come at the right time for the customer and that the attempt should be made in the future. Choosing your own color theme for your iPod is one of the cool things to do, and it’s hard to think that iPhone users won’t want to do the same. There also might’ve been a misunderstanding in the quality of the 5C, since despite appearing more like a toy than a professional device in its colorful shell, it was indeed reputed to be very durable at the time of its release.

Maybe the crowd just didn’t see that proof of quality with the colorful themes. The 5C was also not made out of metal, which could’ve hurt its initial reputation when being an item of high-quality and perhaps people would want a metal body on top of a colorful theme next time. But above all, iPhones are supposed to be items that would stand the test of time and the 5C just didn’t seem to have what it takes to make the cut. On the good side, things are looking good with the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5S is still available to pickup for people looking for something closer to the 5C. Color might be reserved for cases for the moment and the iPhone has always had plenty of options from third parties in that regard anyway. Even big companies like Apple don’t make everything right each and every time and it could be a good occasion for them to go back and reconsider what didn’t go ideally with the 5C. Customers might’ve hoped that the company would be more patient with some models, but with the highly competitive market and the company trying to feature only the very best products in its stores, the discontinuation of the 5C isn’t so much a surprise. Do you think it should’ve stayed?

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