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Companies to Instantly Publish News in Facebook News Feed

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Last Updated: Sep 17, 2016


Facebook is letting 9 news companies to publish articles that are related to news to the social network’s mobile feeds. This will enable news companies to get their articles seen instantly, so they don’t have to wait for Facebook’s agreement in the terms. They don’t need to either review the articles by their staff, they just publish them.

Instant Publishing

News companies and blogs, such as National Geographic and BuzzFeed are already partnered with Facebook for instant publishment of their articles. However, several other news companies will be getting into the “system” by partnering with Facebook. Why is this good for those companies? Let me answer with a question to this question. Would you rather choose to wait a few hours to publish one single article to the Facebook News Feed or choose the option to publish them instantly? For those who understand my point completely, there is no other explanation needed. However, for those who don’t really see what my actual point with this argument is, just let me explain it to you properly in the next paragraph.

News companies’ main goal is to write news that are exciting and to get ahead of their competitors. These blogs and magazines are striving to get ahead of their competition, such as companies in the business sector.

It is a pretty hard thing of capitalism that there is huge competition in almost every areas in the world. Just see a simple example about this. Just check out the downtown of a crowded city. If you go anywhere, you will see stands that are selling food. One of them is a Greek restaurant they would like to sell you Gyroses and Kebabs. However, next to it is a Chinese restaurant, which is selling the food of their own culture. In front of them is a Mc Donald’s, which is selling mainstream fast food all over the world. This world is pretty hard for businesses. You need to work very hard in order to achieve something and get ahead of the competition. Why do you need to do so? You can only get the sales you want if you get ahead of the competition first. It is one of the first rules of business. However, there are markets all around the world, however, quite a few, where if you participate in the competition, you don’t have to get ahead of the other competitors in order to be successful. These markets are often organic ones from countries in Asia from not so crowded towns. People there just live their lives and they try to not hurt each other’s businesses, that’s why they are joining forces with each other to achieve a bigger goal than any of the world leader companies could achieve. They are doing this for the sake of humanity and they share the market in a way that everyone would benefit from it.

Effects of Facebook's New(S) Feature

The Effects of Facebook’s New(S) Feature

With Facebook enabling several news companies (9) to publish instantly their article on the Facebook mobile news feed will come with several effects on many things. The first one is obvious. By enabling only 9 companies out of the hundred thousand in the world, those 9 companies will most probably get ahead of their competitors and reach a market leading place in their own specific niche market. Why is this possible? Millions of people are reading the Facebook news feed on their phones and a large percent of them is already subscribed for specific news feeds. Just a question for you: Who would you think that readers will subscribe to a company that is publishing news every 2 hours or a company that publishes news every 5 minutes. Of course the latter one, people are pretty impatient and they want to read as many articles as they can. That’s the problem with the new update with Facebook: why not enable all certified news companies to instantly publish their own articles in the news feed? It would be a pretty wise thing to do and it wouldn’t hurt any company’s position on the world market. However, I think Facebook has its partners too.

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