Costa Concordia shipwreck raised above sea platform

Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia has been raised above the sea platform, where it has been since 2012. The shipwreck, which killed 32 people, has finally been raised by salvage workers, who want to take the parts from the ship.

This is one of the largest marine salvage operations ever, as workers look to pull the Costa Concordia from the sea platform. The ship will be pulled to the port in Genoa, after workers manage to pull each level from the sea.

The operation will take around a week to pull off, workers are resting the cruise ship on six steel platforms and pumping air into the tanks attached to the ship, in order to get the Costa Concordia to float on the water.

Workers on the ground appear to be happy with the progress being made, so far the Costa Concordia has shown no signs of sinking and the operation appears to be running smoothly, but it could turn sour if precautions are not taken.

This is one of the biggest cruise ships ever sunk, to put it in perspective, it is twice the size of the Titanic. The captain of the ship is on trial for manslaughter and abandoning ship, but denies both charges.

The Costa Concordia disaster happened on January 2012, when the ship crashed into a small rock, before the captain could turn the other way. This ripped a whole in the vessel, pushing water into the hull and turning off power in the ship.

Costa Crociere, the owners of the Costa Concordia cruise ship, claim the cost for the operation will be around €1.5 billion. There is no doubt Costa Crociere will be in the hole due to this, with scrap not selling anywhere near as well, but the company is adamant to remove the wreck from Genoa bay.

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