Disneyland Takes Food to Italy

A large theme park is underway in Bolgona to introduce restaurants, food labs, grocery stores, and an aquarium by the Eataly firm in less than a year to come.

Billed as the ‘Disneyland’ of food, it has an expansive theme park in Bolgona which will be dedicated to gourmet, artisan Italian dishes which are being introduced by the global Eataly Empire.

In reference to reports by The Wall Street Journal, Fico Eataly will make the unused warehouses in Bolgona by converting it into an 800,000-square-meter food emporium mecca that will include restaurants, grocery stores, food labs and an aquarium.

Fronted by celebrity chef Mario Batall, the $40 million USD project is collaboration between Eataly and the municipality of Bolgona.

The project is expected to be completed in 2015 coinciding with the Expo Milano 2015, a time that Italy will take the international limelight and vaunt its merits as a cultural and travel hub.

From the recent UN statistics, in 2012, Italy hosted a total of 46.4 million international tourists becoming the fifth most visited country in the globe.

As an international empire with 26 locations globally, Eataly operates in different places across the world including Italy, Japan, New York, Chicago, Dubai, and Turkey.

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