Eu Goads Russia To Support Ukraine

As Ukraine struggles with the worst crisis ever, The European Union’s Foreign Policy Chief on Tuesday said Russia must support Ukraine in its crisis. Catherine Ashton told the press that Russia must assist its neighbor country Ukraine to ensure the country gets rid of its crisis. She said it’s very important for the two countries to stay connected.

Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said that they welcome Ukraine to be a part of the European family but confirmed that it would keep a distance from Ukraine’s internal affairs and will not force it into a choice. He said it would be unsafe to put Ukraine in a position where it has to choose between Russia and The West.

Moscow vowed that it would not meddle in the crisis occurring in Ukraine but said that the latter should not be forced to choose between Russia and the West.

The statement by Lavrov seems to be a fix between the relations of the two nations after the exchange of some heated words between Lavrov’s own ministry and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Monday.

Russian has withheld its loan of $15 billion to Ukraine until situations in Ukraine improves. Lavrov said Ukraine must first bring back the law and order and constitutional reforms before the 25th May which is said to be a day for Presidential elections.

On Tuesday, an activist destroyed the Soviet star by climbing on to the roof of the parliament in Kiev. Lavrov called this ‘a barbaric action and an anti-Russian act’.

The European Union’s Foreign Policy Chief said that no specific financial aid will be given to Ukraine and said that the help would be given from the International Monetary Fund once law and order is restored in Ukraine.

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