G7 leaders warn of tougher sanctions to Russia over Ukraine crisis

After booting out Russia from the G8, the newly formed G7 industrial nation leaders have met in Brussels to discuss further sanctions to Russia over the Ukraine crisis. The seven nations, Japan, Germany, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Italy and France, all agreed further sanctions would be put onto Russia if it continues to split Ukraine.

Russia was booted out of the G8 for exactly the topic the G7 discussed, annexing Crimea and a “continued violation” of Ukraine sovereignty. The harsher sanctions had not been disclosed, but given the amount of weight the G7 deliver in good around the world, it is enough of a threat to caution Russia.

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President, will also be in Paris for one-to-one talks with G7 leaders after the Brussels summit. President Obama will not be in Paris, but other leaders from Germany, the United Kingdom and France will be available, meaning Putin has a doorway into the G7.

President Obama has been against Russia’s actions in Ukraine for some time now, speaking out on Russia’s “dark tactics” in the country and condemning Russia’s actions. Obama funded $5 million to Ukraine President-elect Petro Poroshenko in body armour and night-vision goggles, making sure Ukraine’s military is ready for any acts of rebellion.

Separatist rebels have been working their way further North, taking two military bases in Luhansk. The regions of Sloviansk and neighbouring Donetsk have also been in rebellion with military separatists and Ukraine pro-government fighting it out for the different regions.

Even with the new President-elect, Ukraine could go into a civil war and many regions already favor Russia. Even though Russia has shown no movement towards the regions of Luhansk or Donetsk, many political analysts believe Russia is creating the civil unrest as a way to oust the Ukraine leadership and take over the regions.

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