Angela Merkel Backs Jean-Claude Juncker For EU Commissioner

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeated her support for┬áJean-Claude Juncker, previous Prime Minister of Luxembourg, to take the job of President of the European Commission. The current vote has Juncker’s party ahead, but countries like the UK, Sweden and Netherlands are all against Juncker getting the position.

The European Council is due to select their candidate next month and all voting in European Parliament and by the various party leaders will result in a new European Commissioner. The voting is very much working in a way of power management, the big countries like UK and Germany trying to make sure their candidate gets in.

Even with this apparent backdoor alliances, the UK and Germany both believe they should discuss what they need for Europe before selecting a candidate and Germany wants the power countries to agree on the EU Commissioner job. The issue with Juncker is the idea of making a closer political union between states, something the UK and other solitary governments don’t want.

The UK especially is at a time where less of the EU is better, considering Prime Minster David Cameron has promises a referendum on being a part of the EU in 2017, if he is re-elected into office. Other parties in the UK like UKIP are gaining support for wanting to get out of Europe, although this is a more right side nationalist party.

Big issues like economy, jobs, structure of the EU and policy will effect the European Union in the next few years, as it looks to turn the tide of the economy and lack of jobs in some countries in the EU., while other countries accept millions of immigrants into the country looking for better paid jobs and easier lives.

Jean-Claude Juncker has support from liberals and the European People’s Party, but will have trouble convincing socialists and other central bloc parties. Italy might be a crucial vote for Juncker, but the country still has not given their verdict on who should be EU Commissioner.

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