Russia threatened with more sanctions if violence in Ukraine continues

After a ceasefire between the pro-Russian fighters and Ukrainian loyalists lasted all of a few days, the West have threatened Russia with even more sanctions, with many key members citing their involvement in the latest fights.

Officially, the ceasefire is still active, but pro-Russian separatists claim there is “no ceasefire,” while Ukraine forces claiming the separatists have broke the agreement up to 44 times since the ceasefire had been officially announced, by new President Petro Poroshenko.

Both the United Kingdom and German government have warned Russia will face more sanctions if the violence continues in Sloviansk, Luhansk and Donetsk, the three regions where pro-Russian militant groups are largest.

Russia has remained mute on the point about sanctions and continues to make their moves around the globe, preparing in-case Europe and other Western countries start sanctioning the country. Deals with China, India and other Asian countries bolster their position in Ukraine.

Most analysts in the region claim Ukraine is on the verge on another civil war, larger than before. The pro-Russian groups look to take over regions of Ukraine in order to advance the Russian ownership, but Ukraine’s new President Poroshenko is moving at a fast pace to dissolve the movement.

It is a hard time for Ukraine, potentially losing three regions and more to civil conflict brought on by Russia. The previous President Viktor Yanukovych was incapable of an association agreement with the European Union, but Poroshenko is closing in on this deal.

The deal would provide Ukraine with more advanced support from EU countries, including Germany and United Kingdom who have both been active in the battle against Russia. The sanctions have even pushed Russia off the G8 summit, as countries look to take the necessary sanctions to stop Russia’s growth in Ukraine.

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