Spain Princess Faces Fraud, Laundering Charges

Spanish Princess Cristina is formally charged with money laundering and tax fraud cases.

King Felipe’s sister was scrutinized in court last February on her husband Inaki Urdangarin’s business deals. Now, the 49-year-old princess will be facing trial.

Urdangarin_2466780bThis is a big controversy and challenge to the rule of King Felipe VI, who recently sat on the throne last week.

Princess Cristina who will appear in the court in Mallorca could possibly face 11 years imprisonment, if proven guilty.

The tax fraud surrounding the princess is one of the many scandals that face the Spanish royal family, which weakens their credibility and led to King Juan Carlos’ resignation. It was quite noticeable that Princess Cristina was nowhere to be found during Felipe’s proclamation as Spain’s king.

The tax fraud and money laundering investigation took a giant leap following the judge’s decision to charge cases against the princess. This decision could prove to be a big embarrassment that would shake the royal family of Spain.

According to Judge Jose Castro, the Princess may have more knowledge about her husband’s corrupt business activities than what she has said when she was questioned in February.

This issue has been going on for three years and is slowly destroying the royal family’s popularity. The Princess has testified in court, but now that she will be facing trials, this scandal is going to a whole new level.

Cristina’s husband Urdangarin, the Duke of Palma, allegedly swindled millions from public funds with his former partner Diego Torres. The partners were alleged to have taken 5.6m euros from regional governments through organizing sports events for Noos, a non-profit organization.

The funds from Noos were allegedly funnelled into the Princess and her husband’s company, Aizoon. The money was reportedly used to buy a mansion in Barcelona and pay for luxury trips.

An appeal was filed Wednesday. Now, the next step is for the defendant to prove that they are innocent in front of Judge Castro. The final decision will be made in Palma de Mallorca provincial court.

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