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Fighting intensifies in Gaza, as Israel beings bombing

The Israeli military have begun bombing areas believed to be home to Hamas, after a week of ground troops sweeping areas near the Israel/Gaza Strip border. Early reports claim over 1,000 Palestinian civilians have died since the battle began.

Israel started sending group troops into Gaza to neutralise the threat of Hamas, the current government in charge of Gaza Strip. Hamas had been bombing different cities in Israel, leading to many ceasefire agreements, all of which came to nothing.

Several human rights groups from the United Nations have been in Gaza to give shelter to refugees. According to theĀ UN Relief and Works Agency, 182,000 Palestinians are currently hold up in 82 shelters, with more coming every day as the conflict grows.


In other reports, the UN claims several workers have been killed in bombs. This could lead to several human rights charges against Israel once the conflict stops. On the Israeli side, 53 soldiers have lost their lives since the conflict began.

Israel appears to be targeting areas of importance to Gaza, including a power plant where most of the energy for Gaza comes from. This plant was destroyed by Israeli bombs and has caused a large blackout in the city, with the potential to kill many more.

Iran has called out Israel for “genocide” in the Gaza region and wants Muslims to arm and fight back against the “rabid dogs” who have attacked the region. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said he would continue to supply Hamas.


Nobody knows what Israel plans to do if they destroy Hamas, we expect the United States and European Union to give their thoughts on the extended fighting in the next few weeks, most likely with calls to end the conflict.

Hamas has given no word on stopping the fighting, even with the bombardment from Israel. The three mile border Israel has set up looks to block hundreds of thousands from their homes, needing to retreat to different refugee camps set up.

Source: BBC News

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