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Hawaii Jet Hitchhiker Triggered Major Air Travel Questions

Here’s one for the people planning for a vacation.

A 16-year-old-boy managed to sneak in an airport, hopped in the wheel well of an airplane, and survived a five-hour flight to Hawaii. The boy was a runaway who got in the Hawaii Flight 45’s wheel well and ended up at the Kahului Airport on the Island of Maui.

He survived the freezing weather, with low to no oxygen supply, without falling out of the jumbo jet’s wheel well. When authorities found him in Hawaii, he was placed under child welfare service workers custody.

What he did triggered major questions among the authorities.

The boy stayed in a tiny compartment to survive

One of the major questions, is how did the boy survive the almost impossible atmosphere in the wheel well of the plane during the five-hour flight? According to officials the boy could have rode in a very small and cramped compartment. The plane reached 38,000 feet altitudes under subzero temperatures with no oxygen.

According to experts, there are already 105 people who survived this situation since 1947. People who undergo this type of condition go on “hibernative.” It is kind of like how Captain America survived during the first installation of the movie, then showing up over 50 years later in The Avengers franchise. It is when a person goes into unconsciousness, with their body freezing, but the central nervous system is still preserved. However, there is only 24% survival rate in this type of condition in real life, unlike Captain America who has undergone biological gamma experiment.

The boy breached airport security perimeter

The boy hopped in the Hawaii Airlines Boeing 767 from San Jose, California, by hopping over the fences of the airport, crossing the ramp, then crawled under the planes wheel well. Authorities said the boy was a stowaway from Santa Clara, California. They said, the boy was able to get into the planes wheel well under the cover of darkness.

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