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Israel withdraws troops from Gaza, following 72 hour ceasefire

Operation Protective Edge has been a successful move from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) according to Lt Col Peter Lerner, who claims the military have destroyed 32 tunnels from Gaza to Israel and around 3,000 missiles in the 19 days of ground operations.

The troops have been pulled out of Gaza City following a 72 hour ceasefire. Egyptian mediators were able to make a deal between Israel and Hamas, although it will only last 72 hours, afterwards Israel can continue the operation.

Both sides made moves against one another hours before the truce started. Hamas military fired rockets into Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, while some Israeli forces performed various raids in Gaza, just hours before the truce started. gaza-stirp

The continued aggression by Hamas will most likely result in continued conflict by Israel. The truce will give Israel time to recuperate their losses, but we doubt the military or government is willing to let their stranglehold of Gaza go.

Around 1,800 Palestinians¬†have lost their lives during the 19 day conflict, according to the UN 67 percent were civilians. Israel claims they killed around 900 “terrorists” in the 19 day conflict, 63 Israeli soldiers were killed in the conflict.

In Gaza, over 450,000 people have lost their homes, according to the UN. The vast amount of destruction in the city has lead the UN to open up various refugee centers around the Gaza Strip, away from the violence.

The situation in Gaza is becoming even more hopeless for the people involved. Hamas does not look like they want to stop fighting, even if it means the complete destruction of Gaza, which might lead to reforms in the government.

Israel might have plans already in place for the fall of Gaza or this might just be another effort to sort out the issues and then withdraw. Nobody knows what will happen and the UN and US still have not given official statements on the matter.

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