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Miss Oklahoma Is Crowned Miss USA Contest

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Last Updated: Jul 14, 2015

New Miss USA was crowned on Sunday night’s ceremony that was overshadowed by Donald Trump controversy.

The winner of the 64th annual Miss USA ceremony was, Miss Oklahoma, Olivia Jordan.

The stunning blonde wore a hot pink strapless dress during the questions and answers portion of the evening. New Miss USA answered the questions with a lot of skill, showed off her eloquence, and proved she is both beautiful and intelligent.

Olivia Jordan said, during the Q and A segment, that United States has to improve race relations and that helped her beat other 50 contestants.

Unfortunately, this year’s pageant was overshadowed by Donald Trump controversy, but luckily, his ceremony itself ran smoothly, no one mentioned the real estate mogul, and he didn’t attend the show at all. Trump’s absence from the ceremony was beneficial for all the girls because for one evening of this competition, the focus was on them.

Olivia Jordan, who is 26 years old, was crowned as Miss USA, and she was followed by first runner-up 22-year-old Ylianna Guerra from Texas, and second runner-up Anea Garcia 20-year-old beauty from Rhode Island. The third runner-up was Miss Nevada, 25-year-old Brittany McGown, while the top 5 was concluded with the fourth runner-up 23-year-old Miss Maryland, Mame Adjei.

Miss Oklahoma took over from last year’s winner Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez. The stunning blonde stood out during the interview part. In this part, every contestant gets two questions to answer and only 30 seconds per question. This way, they demonstrate their intelligence and general knowledge about current affairs etc.

One of the questions that Olivia Jordan had to answer was what would be, in her opinion, the biggest issue that the United States should tackle. Her answer was, improving race relations. This answer comes as response to frequent racial tensions in the United States lately. Olivia said: “We have not solved this issue and we really need to work on being an accepting society.”

The second question was about which woman should be put on the $10 bill and 26-year-old impressed everyone once again. She said she wished Oprah Winfrey was eligible to be on the bill, but her choice is Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman is considered as American hero, she was born a slave, liberated herself, and returned to the area of her birth to lead other slaves into the freedom.

After her victory and winning the crown of Miss USA, Olivia Jordan had to face inevitable questions about Donald Trump during the press conference after the ceremony.

Olivia Jordan

The Associated Press asked the Trump question and Jordan’s response was: “We have freedom of speech in this country, and immigration is certainly an important issue. This organization is not one person only. It’s definitely not just me. It’s a family. This organization celebrates diversity, and I think that was clear on that stage tonight, and I look forward to spreading a message of live and diversity and acceptance.”

As it was mentioned above, and you have probably read all about the controversy of pageant’s co-owner, it is worth of mentioning again. Donald Trump insulted Mexican immigrants when he announced the candidacy for president of the United States. He described Mexicans as rapists who bring nothing but drug and crime into the United States. His harsh words about Mexican immigrants led to numerous business partners to canceling their collaboration, even some celebrities refused to host the show, and American public started boycotting everything that is associated with the real estate mogul.

Even some broadcasters, including NBC and Universal, dropped the pageant and some judges of the pageant refused to participate as well. However, despite the controversy, pageant was still held, and girls from every state got the chance to compete for the crown.

The Miss USA pageant was consisted of swimsuit competition, evening wear, and interview part.

This year’s winner, Olivia Jordan, attended Boston University and earned B.S. in Health Science. The beauty also appeared in several commercials and films including Hot Tub Time Machine 2. She will be Miss USA for whole year and will represent the United States in the Miss Universe competition.

This isn’t the first competition Olivia Jordan won; some titles she won besides Miss Oklahoma 2015 include Miss California USA 2013, Miss World United States 2013, and Miss Beverly Hills United States 2013.

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