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Missing Malaysia Airlines: Metal Object Found on Australian Coast Not from Missing Plane!

The Australian agency that was looking for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 claimed last Thursday that the metal object they found in the Australian shores was not from the missing plane.

According to authorities the metal object that they found a thousand miles away from the possible crash site was in fact not an “object of interest “to the missing Malaysian Aircraft. The recovered metal object was in fact just a false alarm.

The plane disappeared on March 8 2014 with 239 passengers. The search for the lost aircraft was a gargantuan challenge which took several weeks.

There were several other objects found in the Indian Ocean. These were promising finds, however, they all turned out to be jelly fish, fishing gear, and other garbage, especially that the ocean is filled with garbage.

The bad weather even contributed to the challenge of looking for the missing aircraft since search planes were grounded due to the unfavourable weather on Wednesday.

Even the advance underwater drones couldn’t find any sign of the missing Boeing 777 jetliner. If nothing comes up from the underwater search of the Bluefin-21, then the investigation will go to a whole new level which could include new and more advanced equipment in a wider scope.  Bluefin-21 has already searched 90% of the designated search area and it started its 12th search mission Thursday.

As searches render no results, people would start to ask if the authorities are searching in the right places.

One of the relatives of the missing plane’s passenger Steve Wang said authorities have already been searching for over a month, but the satellites, the planes and the ships they are using haven’t even found a single piece of the missing Malaysian airline.

11 military planes and 11 ships searched for the missing Malaysian plane Thursday.

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