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Obama Skips China Visit During Asian Tour

Omissions could mean much, just like how United States President Barack Obama made a four-stop trip to Asia, which didn’t include China.

President Obama is very careful not to cause friction against China while reassuring alliances in his Asian trip.

After signing a 10-year defense pact with Philippine President Benigno Aquino III, Obama said they don’t have intentions of countering or containing China, what they aim is to make sure internationals norms and rules are followed.

Gary Locke, who is a former member of U.S. ambassador to China, said the Obama administration is doing quite a good job in maintaining balance with China.

Locke said there has been a lot of visits to China from US’s top administrators for the past several weeks. The Obama administration is paying close attention to China, but is also focused on its allies in Asia.

Obama’s visit to Asia helped cool off American allies, especially through delivering the message that US would be firm in upholding its treaty responsibilities.

US, in fact welcomes a prosperous and growing China, however, America wants to see a China that abides by international law and norms.

China has recent disputes against Japan and the Philippines, and Obama visited both these countries in his four-nation Asian trip.

Locke said, America not visiting China means China should choose the positions it will take and the alliances it has.

Before Locke left his ambassadorial post two months ago, he was the subject of controversial racist attack in an opinion article of a Chinese newspaper.

He was the recipient of the attack despite being a Chinese descendant. He was called a banana for being “yellow” on the outside, but “white” in the inside.

Locke said the Chinese citizens condemn the racist attack on him and he is quite honoured and gratified by that reaction.

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