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Pope Marries 20 Couples, Cohabiting, With Child

Pope Francis marries 20 couples from various social backgrounds representing the modern generation.

Some of the couples that were married were cohabiting, while one of the brides is pregnant.6 2

Pope Is Tolerant on Family Values

This only shows that the Pope is more tolerant than his predecessors when it comes to various issues, especially on family values.

The ceremony took place at St Peter’s Basilica in Rome last Sunday, which is just three weeks before Catholic bishops from all over the world are set to meet to talk on family matters in context with the church’s teachings.

The last papal marriage ceremony that took place in the Vatican was 14 years ago. The last marriage of this sort was presided over by Pope John Paul II back in 2000.6 1`

Present Reality Among Many Catholic Couples

Pope Francis knows that there are a lot of Catholic couples who cohabited before they got wed, they use contraceptives casually, and divorce and remarry without annulment.

The Pope pointed out that the family is the fundamental part of the society, marriage is not an easy path to take, and that the church should forgive those who engage in premarital sex.

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