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Samsung Tizen May Launch More Smartphones This Year

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Last Updated: Jul 1, 2015


One of the world’s biggest electronics firm has been using Android for their own smartphones, however, earlier this year (more precisely January) the company has released its first phone that had the company’s own operating system: Tizen. The firm has been spending tons of money on the development of this brand new smartphone OS. The latest news for Samsung and the operating system is, however, that a reliable source from the firm has unofficially announced that they are planning to release more smartphones this year that has been powered by the Tizen operating system.

Samsung and Tizen

Samsung has been manufacturing smartphones with the Android operating system, latter getting better and better with Google’s new updates. However, there comes the question: if there is a working OS for the firm’s phones, tablets, wearable gadgets and to other devices made by them, then why do they want to make their own operating system? It is a good question and I do not think there is a clear answer for that. However, we can provide you, dear Readers, a good guess about the topic. My best guess would be that Samsung has got bored of Google and the release of updates to the latter mentioned company’s devices. What is the problem with the Android updates? Let’s see. First of all, when a major Android update comes along (such as the KitKat), Google does not release the patch to all smartphones that are compatible with the update, they only release the system update to the gadgets that have been originally manufactured by Google. This is a great marketing tactic since there are people who only buy devices with the latest system updates. This marketing strategy will attract this group of persons and if they are using Android currently and they have the budget to purchase one of Google’s smartphones, phablets or tablets, they will surely will buy one of them. This will make Google’s devices more popular among people and they will cut a huge profit with this strategy. However, there is a huge downside of this marketing tactic. What do you think it is? I think it is quite obvious. Releasing Android updates later to third party companies will make business relations much worse between Google and the third party companies, such as Samsung. Why would this make relations worse? Just think. If Google releases an update later, which they are currently using on their own devices only, the companies that are in need of the patch will look for other ways to improve the software on their systems. This is what Samsung has done, they have got bored of Google’s promises and update releases, so they have spent tons of money on the making and the development of the Tizen operating system.

Tizen operating system

The Tizen operating system was first introduced in a smartphone this year in January when Samsung has released its brand new smartphone, the Samsung Z1. The device, however, was not released in the Western countries, it was only available in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

The unofficial announcement of one of Samsung’s staff members has been declined by the company, which they do not confirm the truth of the statement. There are many rumors that come around the tech world, however, this rumor has come from a reliable source, so we do think it is true. Samsung may have declined the truth of the statement because they are planning something big and they do not want any of their competitors to know anything about their new plans. That could be pretty bad for Samsung.

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