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Sprite Cans to Feature Rap Lyrics This Summer


Do you remember Coca Cola and other drinks featuring some creative marketing material on them? No? Maybe it is not a problem that you don’t remember since those were no big shots. However, what Sprite is planning now, that is a really great thing. The company plans to put rap lyrics from well-known rappers to the Sprite cans.

Rap Lyrics on Sprite Cans

The Coca-Cola Company has announced that they are releasing 16 limited edition style Sprite cans with rap lyrics from well-known artists, such as Drake, Nas, Rakim and Notorious B.I.G. They have stated that they are doing this, because they the company thinks that these rappers were always true to themselves and to other people.

Style Sprite Cans

In my opinion, putting rap lyrics to a Sprite can is a great idea, since rap can be considered the modern way of literature. Of course, this could be only done if those lyrics in the rap verses are really meaningful and have been written in a creative way. Society is always changing and culture with it. In the old times, poetry was considered the way of literature, however, it is not officially said, however, I think a quality written rap verse can be considered modern literature. As I said before, putting these lyrics on the limited-edition Sprite cans is a great idea, since if those lyrics are quality ones (and they are) they could be put on the Sprite cans, so people can see them, read them, study them and learn the meaning of those lyrics. It is a great way to spread culture. However, it is also a great way to do some marketing for the rappers that are being present on those Sprite cans, since when people will read the lyrics there is also the name of the artists on the bottom of the can, so they can learn who wrote those lyrics. So, everyone benefits from this process. Sprite sells more products, since people will be more interested in those cans (at least most of them), the people who buy it will learn some rap culture and will be more interested in the product that they are buying and, of course, the rappers will benefit from it too, since they will be more known to people, even for those who have never heard of them. I just imagine a 40-year-old man buying a Sprite can and reading it. He will most probably react: “This guy is a genius, let me check out him on the internet”.

Rap Lyrics

One of the problems though with these limited edition cans is that they will, most probably, be only available in the USA or the North American continent. There may be a chance that they will be available in other English-speaking countries too, however, where English is not the first language I don’t think they will be available for sale. Why do I think that? Because the lyrics are in English and most people in non-English speaking countries wouldn’t understand them.

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