The 7 America’s Oldest Workers – They Have Refused To Retire

Meet these seniors who believe that the best retirement is not to retire. All of them are above 90 years of age with Loren Wade leading the pack at 102 years of age.

1. Loren Wade
Age: 102


Loren Wade has worked at Winfield store in Kansas for the past 30 years. He is one of the oldest workers in the country

2. Betty Soskin
Age: 93

Betty Reid Soskin

Betty Soskin works in her dream job as a park ranger at the Rosie the Riveter/World War 2 Home Front National Historical Park in Richmond, Calif. She got this job when she was in her 80’s after being an office worker, a record store owner and a political staffer.

3. Kenneth Curzon
Age: 91

Kenneth Curzon

Kenneth has done everything from acting as Smokey the Bear for the U.S. Forest Service to managing service centers at car dealerships. He is a World War 2 veteran. For the last 24 years he has been running the parking services at Scripps Memorial Hospital.

4. Professor John Fraser Hart
Age: 90

John Fraser Hart

A professor forever, Prof. John Fraser Hart lectures geography at the University of Minnesota. In his more than 50 years of teaching he has published 15 books and taught more than 50,000 students.

5. Novalene Slatton
Age: 90

Novalene Slatton

Novalene Slatton says she owes her job to the former president Bill Clinton. Novalene has been working at the Hope-Hempstead Chamber of Commerce since 1992. The Chamber of Commerce hired her as a receptionist when Clinton had just won the Democratic nomination for president.

6. Jack B. Weinstein
Age: 93

Jack B. Weinstein

Jack B. Weinstein was nominated to the federal bench by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1967. He has handled approximately 25,000 legal cases in his career. And his decisions have made him one of the most renowned judges in the history of the federal judiciary.

7. Jack H. Harris
Age: 95

Jack H. Harris

Jack H. Harris has been working in the film industry since he was 39 years old.

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