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This Week’s Most Incredible Photos

The world can go through a lot in just a span of seven days. It endured an earthquake, a war, an outbreak; it also celebrated an anniversary, started a sports event, and so much more. Here are these international moments captured outstandingly in photos.

  • In this photo 600 balloons are flying in the clouds to commemorate the World War I centennial celebration. Each of these balloons has a poppy and a name of a soldier.361E859B55E64BF25B258F7196C21_h400_w598_m2_q90_ckOLjzGXI
  • After a very strong earthquake hit southwest China, this child finds refuge by cuddling his cat while trying to survive in an earthquake shelter.F9E9EFFF9EAC8DAB98ABDF7CB218D_h400_w598_m2_q90_crzmRRcuW
  • This is a tragic but dramatic image of Palestinian women walking through the building ruins during a brief ceasefire during the Israel – Palestine conflict.E3DDD05A3591A922C619C694F28672_h400_w598_m2_q90_cJcxPxUeA
  • Fans lining up to see Tiger Woods in the fourth fairway for the practice round of the PGA Championship golf tournament creates a wonderful silhouette of what looks like warriors preparing to attack.89E19A505EEC7430F950BF72B38D16_h400_w598_m2_q90_chKwNCsuf
  • During Glasglow 2014 Commonwealth Games’ closing ceremony, fireworks light up the stadium providing a spectacle for the fans.58377E7B445B0ACCE4F44C7F9892C_h400_w598_m2_q90_cgxXuvwDH
  • This picture looks painted with the incredible dust surrounding an Israeli Merkava tank driving back from the Gaza-Israel border.603A3D1052F1789679583CAB6C21E0_h400_w598_m2_q90_cyPeqDSZA
  • In the heights of the ISIL violence in Sinjar, a group of evacuees cram up in a small car as it arrives in Dohuk.4FB276B8F85E3EA69F5A9303E2DC4_h400_w598_m2_q90_cpUfADjRF
  • Children look very happy as they play with foam bubbles during a fair in the village of Las Pinedas, close to Cordoba during the feast of Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles.402A803EB72452121A9BC356B14ADA_h400_w598_m2_q90_cwicnWfAw
  • The sun shafts through the silhouettes of runners as they start the 10,000 metres race in the 2014 Commonwealth Games.65F29A48BBC3303C40DA339A3E1D_h400_w598_m2_q90_cXQHvbdNS
  • This image looks like it ass ripped straight out a scene from Disney’s Plane as Pilots John Klatt and Jeff Boerboon goes into formation during their flight up in the Seattle Skyline. 7AA6275BDDA98FF2CA19F4C1BED112_h400_w598_m2_q90_cTSHdAUwG

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