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Top 20 Most Socially Progressive Countries across the Globe



The Social Progress Imperative, a non-profit body located in U.S. revealed a new index last week ranking 132 countries based on several indicators such as basic human needs, foundations of wellbeing and opportunity.

In reference to the Social Progress Index (SPI) 2014, New Zealand is the most socially progressive country based on personal rights and freedom, use of internet, and school enrollment. Coming second is Switzerland followed by Iceland, the Netherlands, and Norway.

Although some countries have large economies owing to their gross domestic product (GDP), they could not appear anywhere at the top in the SPI’s top 10. Despite of having the second largest GDP, the U.S. was ranked at number 16 in social progress due to room for improvement in personal safety, tolerance, ecosystem sustainability, and inclusion.

Michael Green, executive director of the Social Progress Imperative told Reuters the index shows that economic growth does not mean automatic improvement in social progress. He added that if they were to tackle problems such as poverty and inequality, measuring economic growth alone would be inadequate.

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