Top Pizza Shops In America

Pizza has become intensely and utterly American even though it has its roots in Italy. Pizza is found in all regions in America. In coming with the list of the top ten pizza shops, a lot was taken into consideration. The shops that emerged to be at the top include:

Buddy’s Pizza – Detroit, MI


Since 1946, Buddy’s has used dough cooked square in a pan with meat added to enhance taste.

Al Forno – Providence, RI


Here, the pizza is not the main course but an appetizer for your entrees. It is something you eat in moderate fashion. The chefs here have been at this job for over 30 years.

Antico Pizza Napoletana – Atlanta, GA


The pizza here is cooked in a hot two-minute stint in the oven. Cheese melts into San Marzano-based sauce and fresh basil crisps. Order the San Genero or grab the Pomodorini for a twist on the simple style.

Best Pizza – Brooklyn, NY


Frank Pinello continues to draw crowds who know to look for his paper plate NY-style pizza.

Bocce Club Pizza – Buffalo, NY


Bocce club is a local pizza joint. Dino Paccioti bought the club in ’46, tinkered with an oven in the basement, and has made it what it is today. The pizza here is flavor-packed with fluffy dough that edges between thin and thick, sweet tomato sauce and house-made mozz.

Frank Pepe


Frank Pepe has been around since 1925. He is the OG of the New Haven-style pizza. His most famous pizza, the White Clam Pie, has no sauce and just a touch of cheese on it.

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