• UK renewable energy projects


    8 major UK renewable energy projects receive government backing

    The UK government has pledged financial support to eight major new renewable energy projects targeting to power millions of homes. The schemes include five from the offshore windfarm, which the Conservative Party is planning to back in its general... Read More

  • spectacular U.K. Estates


    The 8 spectacular U.K. Estates

    These 8 stunning U.K. estates are even better than Downton Abbey. They are some of the best historical homes England has to offer. They have opulent ballrooms and drafty kitchens. They also have beautiful gardens and flowers that you... Read More

  • virgin-galactic


    UK planning spacecraft areas outside the United States by 2018

    The United Kingdom wants to have its own spacecraft initiatives, according to several reports, the government is planning potentially eight different locations for spacecraft in the UK, with completion dates around 2018. All space-ports are currently based in the... Read More

  • Best Restaurants in Britain


    Best Restaurants in Britain

    When you dine in Britain, it would be better to dine at the best restaurants. If you want to exercise your culinary tongue and taste real gastronomic treats, the bet restaurants in Britain will surely fill your appetite. Here... Read More

  • British Royal Palace Upgrade Costs $7.6 million


    British Royal Palace Upgrade Costs $7.6 million

    The British taxpayers have put £4.5 million or $7.6 million for the renovation of the Kensington Palace’s Apartment 1a to turn it into a suitable home for Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince George. The refurbishment of the 17th-century... Read More

  • Queen Elizabeth II in Westeros


    Queen Elizabeth II in Westeros

    After the Targaryens, the Baratheons, and the Lannisters, it seems like the Windsors will be taking over the iron throne of Westeros as Queen Elizabeth II visit the set of “Game of Thrones” in Northern Ireland Tuesday. But this... Read More

  • Prince William Gets Luxury Helicopter from the Queen


    Prince William Gets Luxury Helicopter from the Queen

    Getting a birthday gift from your grandmother on your 32nd birthday is a normal thing, and if you are Prince William, a $13.6 million helicopter from Queen Elizabeth II as a gift is pretty normal too. Prince William turned... Read More

  • Baby George outshines Prince William in Father's Day Polo Match


    Baby George outshines Prince William in Father’s Day Polo Match

    Prince William celebrated his first Father’s Day in a Polo Match that has been going on since last month at Australia and New Zealand. But the spotlight wasn’t shining on him during the tour. Baby George, who is already... Read More

  • Coalition to Prove it’s no “Zombie” Government


    Coalition to Prove it’s no “Zombie” Government with Pension Reform Announcement

    The coalition will prove that it still has the energy and ideas by presenting the latest revolutionary pension reform, which will be based on the last Queen’s Speech. As the Coalitions last legislative programme, Nick Clegg and David Cameron... Read More

  • Survey shows Britain’s brightest economic prospects


    Survey shows Britain’s brightest economic prospects in decades

    According to reports last Friday, Britain’s economic prospects are brighter than it has ever been for over ten years and consumers’ optimism has increased significantly since nine years ago. There is a rapid economic increase in the business sector,... Read More

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