Best Restaurants in Britain

When you dine in Britain, it would be better to dine at the best restaurants. If you want to exercise your culinary tongue and taste real gastronomic treats, the bet restaurants in Britain will surely fill your appetite.

Here are the best National Restaurants awardees in Britain:

  1. Gymkhana. This restaurant recently opened in September 2013 and is awarded as National Restaurant of the year, making it the first Indian restaurant given the recognition. According to Restaurant Magazine Stefan Chokma, this restaurant has imaginative and gutsy cooking from Chef Karam Sethi that surprises and delights the patrons.
  2. The Clove Club. Shoreditch’s The Clove Club is second in the list of this year’s National Restaurants, offers people cuisine that uses unusual ingredients from the British gastronomic culture.
  3. The Ledbury. This restaurant opened in 2005 at Nothing Hill by Australian chef Brett Graham. It still continues to strive despite being hit during the London riots in 2011.
  4. The Hand and Flowers. This restaurant in Buckinghamshire was in the top spot last year. Tom Kerridge’s restaurant offers straight forward incredible pub food and is voted as this year’s Gastropub.
  5. Pollen Street Social. Chef Jason Atherton opened this restaurant at Mayfair in 2011. In the first year of its operation, it gained the Michelin star award.
  6. The Sportsman. This restaurant’s tasting menu makes it remarkable. This is close to Kent Coast’s Whitstable.
  7. Hedone. With European-inspired cuisine, this restaurant was opened by food blogger Mikael Jonsson at Chiswik in 2011.
  8. L’Enclume. Chef Simon Rogan’s restaurant gives you a wonderful food experience while giving you a beautiful riverside view of Lake District’s Cartmel village.
  9. Dinner in London. Taste the history of English cooking dating back up to 500 years ago in Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant.

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