GoT boosts Northern Ireland economy

The sensational fantasy drama series Game of Thrones is providing a significant boost to Northern Ireland’s economy.

GoT is a TV series adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Fire and Ice.” Now on its fourth season, the TV series has garnered countless fans as well as Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.

The series is filmed and edited at a local studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland and most of its locations are shot in the area. The show is bringing in significant economic growth to the region including its arts and entertainment industry.

According to Clare Campbell of Yellow Moon Post Production, a local film production company in Northern Ireland, the region now have more creative and talented workforce.

Besides production, Northern Ireland is also attracting tourism by offering tours on the location of GoT for fans to have a feel of how the places of the Seven Kingdom looks like.

From six years ago until December 2013, the rate of jobs in the arts, entertainment and recreation industries in Northern Ireland has increased 12.4%, which is a faster growth compared to the UK total of only 4.3%.

According to experts, these figures have a wider impact on the economy of Northern Ireland because it creates a ripple effect as the film industry in the region grows.

Employment in Ireland is significantly low compared to the rest of the UK and there is much catching up to do. But, with how things are going in the entertainment business of the region, it is definitely heading the right direction.

Since five years when GoT started filming in Northern Ireland, the first four seasons have brought in $138 million to the region. This revenue includes wages for the cast and crew, tourism, and hotel services.

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