Most UK holiday makers would avoid dolphin and whale parks

Dolphin and whale parks have been under threat from various animal rights groups for a few years now, SeaWorld has went from a popular tourist destination to one of the most hated companies in the United States in just a few years.

In the UK, holiday makers agreed that the dolphin and whale parks would most likely be avoided when travelling and even more agreed they would not check out the sealife parks after reading statements on the parks.

The survey asked over 2,000 people whether they would be interested in sealife parks, initially 61% said they would not and this jumped to 86% after reading statements on captive whales and dolphins in the parks and on the treatment of sea animals.

Research company Censuswide conducted the survey, at the request of travel agency and the wildlife charity Born Free Foundation, both of whom wanted to find out the UK holiday makers response to sealife parks.

The public awareness of treatment in sealife parks and the circus acts whales and dolphins are forced to put on everyday is becoming ever more problematic for owners of these parks, as more turn away from the parks to other forms of entertainment.

This comes alongside various properganda and leaked photos/videos of sea animals being mistreated in the parks and even if one sealife resort has worked their hardest to keep their reputation good, it only takes one video or photo to change a person’s reaction on all the parks.

Tourism will always harbour weird acts that cannot be found in the home country, plenty of famous resorts for young UK tourists aged between 18 and 22 have faced scrutiny in the past few years, as they become more popular havens for unpleasant and shocking behaviour, especially for parents.

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