Prince William Gets Luxury Helicopter from the Queen

Getting a birthday gift from your grandmother on your 32nd birthday is a normal thing, and if you are Prince William, a $13.6 million helicopter from Queen Elizabeth II as a gift is pretty normal too.

Prince William turned 32 last Saturday, June 21. According to reports, the 88-year-old Queen Elizabeth II leased an £8 million 2008 Agusta A109S Grand helicopter for the Prince and her wife Kate Middleton.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge travel using different helicopters to attend their Royal engagements. However, experts say that it is safer to travel using just one aircraft. Plus, with your own helicopter, travelling would be more stylish.

With their own Royal helicopter, the Queen will have the peace of mind knowing that her grandson and her great grandson, Prince George, will be travelling in a safer manner.

The grand helicopter does not have any owners before the Prince. It has a seating capacity of seven passengers and it has a luxurious interior complete with comfortable leather seats.

The helicopter can travel a total distance of 530 miles, can run 180 miles per hour, and can fly for a total duration of four and a half hours.

Besides these wonderful features, the luxurious aircraft will also bear the Queen’s Royal Crest. UK-based media has even coined the helicopter as “Heirforce One.”

British Media also reported that the monarchs got a great deal out of their purchase. They got the helicopter at lower rate compared to its high value. Besides William and Kate, the rest of the Royal family can also borrow the Royal helicopter.

There were no news, however, if Prince William will be driving the helicopter himself, considering that he is a Royal Air Force pilot of the search-and-rescue team.

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