UK Gets Best Broadband in Europe

After the 5G announcement by Germany and the United Kingdom and some off-hand comments made by Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel’s about the countries broadband capacity, Ofcom thought it best to make sure everyone knows the UK is leading in broadband and 4G deployment across the EU.

Ofcom revealed that 9 out of 100 households in the UK have “superfast” broadband, by superfast they mean anything over 30mbps. The second in the running is Spain, who has 6 out of 100 households running the superfast broadband.

Virgin Media also revealed some time ago that most packages sold on their fiber service are for 50mbps. BT has also stepped up their average speeds for consumers, recently beating Virgin Media in the race for the fastest average fiber speed.

In the United States and other countries, broadband companies are criticized for low speeds and no competition, but in the United Kingdom that is not a problem, with Sky, BT, Virgin Media, and a few others fighting for first place, offering the best value in the EU on price for performance.

The UK also has large adoption of the Internet, with over 87 percent of all citizens in the UK using the Web frequently. The amount of people never to have used the Internet also went down to 8 percent, according to recent figures.

Many of the top carriers have also been working for the past year on the 4G rollout, offering the 100mbps service to plenty of their customers. Three UK even tagged the 4G service onto their pre-existing 3G customers without any extra charge.

The 5G rollout will be an important breakthrough in mobile data speeds, something Germany and the UK want to get right this time, after failing to keep up with Asia and the United States on the 4G deployment.

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