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US considers talks with Iran for Iraq Sunni uprising

As US President Barack Obama reflect on the right actions to take for the conflicts arising in Iraq, reports show that Washington may engage into talks with Iran top handle the situation.       

According to reports, even though there have been tensions between US and Iran before, both countries want to stop the insurgencies by the rebel group, Sunni, in Iraq. US and Iran aims to provide military supports to Iraq.

The US plans to have a direct talk with Tehran, which may possibly happen this week.

US condemned the disturbing photos released online by extremists Sunni showing images of the militants executing Iraqi soldiers. The massacre was “horrible,” according to the White House.

The authenticities of the photos are still being confirmed. However, Iraqi soldiers claim that the images were real.

If the photos are real, it can be considered as the biggest atrocity ever since American troops invaded Iraq overthrowing Saddam Hussein back in 2003.

The Sunni rebels are led by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). The rebel group released the images after the Iraqi government claimed that they have regained initiative against the militants’ offensive.

Last week, the extremist took over major cities like Tikrit and Mosul. Some cities are now fortunately taken back from the rebels. However, the militants captured Tal Afar overnight through a heavy bombardment of mortars.

Meanwhile, US and Iran will continue their discussions in Vienna regarding the middle-eastern country’s nuclear programme. Issues about Iraq were included in this talk. According to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, they will cooperate with US if it will take action against the rebels in Iraq.

As of now Washington has deployed the USS HW Bush aircraft carrier at the Gulf, but no soldiers will be deployed on Iraqi ground.

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