10 US Cities that allow Tiniest Apartments

Micro-housing development is becoming a common trend in many cities. These micro-units are very popular because of increase in the population of those who can not afford expensive houses.

Here’s the micro-unit breakdown across the United States of America:

1. Seattle

Seattle has allowed up to 90 square feet units. It seems to be ruling the micro-housing race in the total numbers of small units. It has over 3,000 small units, some as small as 90 square feet.

2. Portland, Oregon
Portland Oregon

Portland has allowed up to150 square feet units. Some developer responsible for some small units here uses a shred-kitchen model. One developer here replaced a single family home with 56 small units.

3. Los Angeles

Los Angeles has allowed up to 200 square feet units. The small units are being embraced here, some as small as 200 square feet. Even the neighboring city of Santa Monica also has some affordable housing projects.

4. San Francisco
San Francisco

San Francisco has allowed up to 220 square feet units. It appears that San Francisco ha the biggest housing crisis in the whole country. The first small houses in the city are under construction. There are 160 units in SoMa serving as a pilot program.

5. Washington DC

Washington DC has allowed up to 220 square feet units. There are plenty of projects here falling in the 250 to 400 square-foot range. They have shared kitchens and public places. The city’s code allows for a minimum of 220 square feet units.

6. Providence, Rhode Island
Providence Rhode Island

Providence allows up to 225 square feet units. Here, an 1828 shopping mall was converted into residential space with the smallest apartment allowed being 225 square feet. The units mainly cater for artists and students.

Other cities that allow tiny apartments include:

7. Chicago – 275 square feet
8. Boston – 350 square feet
9. Austin, Texas – 400 square feet
10. New York – 400 square feet

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