Apple shows commitment to diversity and equality at San Francisco Pride Parade

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has took a much more active stance on diversity and equality, pushing forward new laws into Congress to have a more diverse workforce that is not subjected by genre, race or sex.

In a new video Apple posted earlier today, it shows a lot of Apple staff in San Francisco, including Tim Cook, marched in the San Francisco Pride Parade. At the event, Apple handed out iTunes gift cards and created a local LGBT iTunes Radio station.

The company was at the event “to celebrate Apple’s unwavering commitment to equality and diversity.” Apple has been one of the more vocal large companies when it comes to a diverse audience; this has made Apple one of the most diverse companies in terms of staff.

Apple’s previous acts in the diversity and equality sector include Tim Cook urging Congress to pass the¬†Employment Nondiscrimination Act. This stops employers from discriminating against potential employees because of race, religion or any other factor.

Apple also publicly opposed an Arizona bill, which would allow businesses to refuse services on the basis of religious ideas. Compared to Europe, the United States still has major problems diversifying when it comes to religion, especially in certain states. This bill was vetoed by governor Jan Brewer.

The diverse staff working for Apple creates innovation, according to Tim Cook. Allowing people to feel at home and in a team, regardless of their private choices, makes for a better workforce and fun and vibrant lifestyle.

It is nice to see one of the largest companies in the world appeal to these sorts of issues, more often than not companies simply take a neutral stance in the public eye and make their remarks private, but Apple has been gung-ho about diversity and equality, making sure everyone has an equal chance.


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