Chinese hackers broke into U.S. government network

Chinese hackers have once again targeted the U.S. government network, in a move to take information from thousands of employees, most of it private information that would be useful in more hacking situations.

The Chinese hackers, who have not been named, were apparently attacking those with high-security clearance positions, allowing them to grab information and potentially steal core information on the person.

Secretary of State John Kerry said the attack was an “attempted intrusion” and US Homeland Security has not responded to claims. The US appears to be denying the attacks took any personal information from employees.

Both countries have been accusing each other of cyber spying and espionage. China has one of the most expensive technology government sectors in the world and the US has been publicly called out for the NSA and PRISM.

Chinese hackers reportedly attacked the US private sector back in March, to gain knowledge of US companies to gain a home advantage. This has never been proven, although in-depth reports showed the attacks came from China.

The US and China appear to be in some sort of cold war online, while they are the first and second biggest economies in the world, they cannot seem to settle online differences, leading to hacking and espionage.

The Chinese have shrugged off these claims, as they normally do, complaining that the US attack China. This is been one of China’s most used tactics when accusations are flung, to simply reject them and throw it back in the US’ face.

It is interesting how the environment around cyber hacking and terrorism is starting to become more than servers going down. China and the US appear to be in a cold war to find data on both public and private sector, in order to gain an economic advantage.

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