Creepy Wasco Clown Creeps California Residents

Residents were not amused by the appearance of this creepy clown but the clown now has 40,000 Instagram followers.

More and more creepy clowns have followed suit and they’ve been spotted carrying knives and other deadly weapons that are scaring the people in Bakersfield. creepy clowns

One clown was arrested for chasing children on the west side of the town.

The popularity of the Wasco clown is spreading faster than wildfire as various news agencies such as MTV has called it “haunting”, People Magazine calling it “stalker”, and ABC News calling it “jester terrifying”.

But according to a Facebook page, people shouldn’t be afraid of the Wasco clown because it is philanthropic, not frightening. Wasco clown

According to reports, the clown’s name is Bobo. He said he’s merely posing for his wife who has a photography project and who plans it to go viral. Now that they have successfully made their Bobo project viral, the couple is plannign to sell merchandise with the picture and give all the profit to autism and on a pediatric cancers research initiative. clown's name is Bobo

Bobo sits down and pose for a picture. After that he goes home. He doesn’t chase people to scare them off. He also only appears at night.

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