Damien Gurganious ‘Biggest Loser’ Star Dead At 38

Biggest loser star Damien Gurganious died on Nov.24, this tragic news has struck the star’s fans and loved ones.

Damien who appeared on the famous reality show during season 7 died due to a sudden onset of a rare autoimmune disorder that caused bleeding in his brain, this was really unexpected. It took away his life, he was just 38 years old. His family and friends are in deep sorrow.

He was the backbone of his family, a great son and an amazing father to his 2 year old daughter. He was a man of great ambition which has inspired many. He was a true mentor and guide. He was so generous and his love for his family cannot be described in words.

It is a very difficult time for Damien’s wife and daughter who is too small to lose her father. Nicole Brewer his wife, reportedly paid tribute to her husband on facebook. Sadly this was her first post on social media to inform the tragic loss of her beloved husband. She wrote on the private page with great sorrow.

Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) is a rare autoimmune disorder which caused inoperable bleeding in Damian’s brain.

In January 2009, Damien and Nicole appeared on the reality show “The Biggest Loser” and got eliminated after the third week.

In August 2009, they proceeded to get married in New York at the Renaissance of Astoria in Queens.
The pair met three years before their marriage in a water aerobics class. They had lost together about 200 pounds since the start of their weighty run on the NBC reality show.

Gurganious friends have set up “The Damien Gurganious Family Fund” website for people who want to help. Meantime on 11 Dec, Thursday at p.m. EST on NBC, The Biggest Loser is going to air an “in memoriam” card.

Damien Gurganious biggest loser

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