Miss Indiana has “normal” size when she joined Miss USA

Now that the new Miss USA has been crowned, new reports about a certain candidate with a controversial BMI who competed for the title have surfaced.

In a pageant world where physical perfection is mandatory, competing on a weight of 61.2 kg or 135 lbs is usually shocking. However, instead of cruel backlash, Miss Indiana Mekayla Diehl has received nothing but praises from the fans on social media.

At Size 4, the brunette beauty has inspired legions of fans for what people seem to think as a size that is “normal”.

Early on in the swimsuit competition, Miss Indiana was booted off because of her curvy frame. She received low scores that made her unable to proceed to the next part.

Miss Diehl has now become a role model for a healthy body image in an arena where girls her age capitalize on being tall and skinny.

One of the fans of Miss Indiana is the newly crowned Miss USA Nina Sanchez who calls her fit, active, and healthy.

Diehl acknowledged the praises in an interview in People magazine and said she celebrates who she is. She said she is confident in her own skin and didn’t really give being skinny and being tall enough much thought.

She added what really makes her body frame “normal” is the fact that she is relatable.

She said what the weighing scale is saying is nothing but a number. Prior to the competition, the 25 –year-old beauty trained seven days a week and had strict low carb, high protein meals all throughout to maintain a healthy and strong physique.

Now Miss Indiana is thankful for people who have called her inspiring. The positive response on social media made her win in more ways, according to her.  If that was her mission, then mission accomplished.

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