Most famous fast food chain is America’s least favorite

With all the issue McDonald’s is struggling to survive these days, it is no surprise that it has fallen out of its regular customer’s graces when it came out as the least favourite major fast food chain on a latest survey.

This is according to the latest report compiled by the American Customer Service Index.

The organization surveyed 4,500 Americans about how satisfied they are with their experiences with different chain restaurants.

The average satisfaction score given by the customers was 80 out of 100. McDonald’s only scored 71 while, two points down from its 73 score last year.

Next least favourites are Taco Bell with 72 and KFC with 74. Dunkin Donuts score 75 while Burger King and Starbucks tied at 76. Wendy’s scored 78 with Subway. Domino’s Pizza tied with Little Caesar at 80, while Pizza Hut and Papa John’s both scored 82. A score of 84 was given to all others making it apparent that Americans get higher satisfaction from other food establishments.

McDonald’s is having a rough time with their sales lately as they are reportedly struggling to revamp their Dollar menu while combating harsh winter weather. Recent fast food protests against the giant fast food company are also not helping as it give them bad rep regarding the increase of wages and the improvement of worker conditions.

Now that recession traces are leaving the lands and wallets of the Americans, they prefer restaurants such as Outback Steakhouse or Olive Garden over McDonald’s or any other major fast food chain. That’s because these places offer higher quality meals than what the fast food industry does offer.

According to ACSI chairman Claes Fomell, consumers respond to price when the economy is weak. As it improves, these customers give more value to quality.

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