Obama Donates, But Declines Ice Bucket Challenge

No ice cold water, just cold cash from the President of the United States.

Some of the world’s most famous personalities have poured ice cold water over themselves and post videos of it online for a fundraising stunt for the neurodegenerative disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS.Obamas-Ice-Bucket-Challenge-Has-POTUS-Being-A-Party-Pooper-Could-His-Denial-Harm-ALS-Research

US President Barack Obama was nominated for the challenge, however, he will not be doing the challenge. The POTUS decided to donate instead.

86-year-old Ethel Kennedy is one of the people who nominated Obama for the challenge. At an old age she is still strong enough to take the ice bucket challenge.

White House spokesperson Eric Shultz said Obama really appreciated how Mrs Kennedy invited him for the noble cause.

Former President George W. Bush also nominated Obama after his wife poured the cold water over his head.

But the first famous personality to invite the president was music superstar Justin Bieber, who was pretty confident when he nominated Obama.

As of Thursday, the ALS association has reportedly raised $41.8 million worth of donations. This is a big leap from the $2.1 million they made from the start of the challenge on July 29 to August 21of last year.

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