Obama takes a big step against carbon pollution

President Barack Obama is set to unveil today his most important plan of action to address climate change.

The historical regulation that will be launched at the White House will cut off carbon pollution emitted by giant power plants and it will promote cap-and-trade policy.

According to reports, the historic regulation will cut off about 25 percent of carbon pollution coming from some 1,600 power plants that are currently operational.

Forty percent of the country’s carbon pollution emissions are coming from power plants.

The Environmental Protection Agency drafted the regulation, which is now being reviewed by the White House.

It is said to do more than any president in the past, including Obama, has done to combat climate change by cutting off carbon dioxide emissions.

In Obama’s speech for the graduates of West Point this week, he said the regulation can put America on the right path to achieve its global climate goals, and allow US diplomats to use the climate commitments of other countries that are considered as big polluters like India and China.

Obama said he wants so ensure that America is in the forefront when it comes to preserving the planet through a global framework. America should lead by example to have a stronger influence over other countries, he said, adding that US should not be exempted from the rules that are implemented on everyone else.

Obama said this regulation would not be easy, especially with the Republicans denying that there is an occurring climate change.

Last Thursday, White House press secretary Jay Carney accused critics of fabricating “doomsday claims” if carbon emission will be cut off.

Natural Resources Defense council climate and clean air campaign director Peter Altman said this regulation could be considered as “the Super Bowl of climate politics.”

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