President Obama and First Lady Michele Obama divorce rumors

Are President Obama and First Lady Michele Obama having issues with their relationship? There are rumors coming from the White House that are pointing in that direction.

The rumors have it that the Obama’s could be getting a divorce as their marriage is allegedly facing a crisis.

Obama Divorce Rumor

According to a report published on Friday by Epoch Times, the couple’s 22-year marriage is on the rocks.

President Obama has been traveling around the world on diplomatic missions, but rumors about the break-up surfaced once again when he arrived in Hollywood. This was caused by the fact that he was spotted with another woman while he was in Los Angeles.

Beyonce Affair President Obama Divorce

There was fallout when Michele Obama found out about this, the report says. So far, nothing can be substantiated and the couple still maintains a cozy relationship.

There have been many rumors suggesting that the Obama’s marriage is fake. Some claimed that the marriage is in danger of falling apart or has already fallen apart.

Obama's marriage

There have been allegations that Michelle Obama had discovered that her husband is unfaithful. Other reports claim the two will separate at the end of Obama’s presidency in 2016. The report follows claims in two books that couple neared divorce in early 2000’s.

However, watching the couple on the dance floor, they look like they fall in love with each other all over again.

dance floor

Will they actually get a divorce? It is not easy to get an answer to that question. May be it can happen in the future, for now, the marriage seems to be strong.

The two are having their hands full taking care of two kids, a couple of dogs and also being in charge of America. The couple seems to be too busy to consider anything like divorce right now.

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