Russia Allegedly “Hacked” White House Computer Network

The White House’s unclassified computer networked was hacked just recently and the primary suspect is Russia, U.S. officials said Tuesday.

According to the officials, the attack was state-sponsored, but they did not indicate what data was taken or if there were any data taken at all.attack was state-sponsored

Some unclassified EOP network has been affected based on the assessments on the threats, but the White House computers and the systems were not damaged.

The official said they take these kinds of activities very seriously. They took immediate measures to assess and contain the threats in this case.

According to the sources, the hackers could be working for the Russian government, who were believed to be behind the breach. The source of attack was consistent and Russia is most likely to be behind it, U.S. official said.

In a statement from White House official Agence France-Presse, for the past two to three weeks, the US presidential mansion’s unclassified computer network has been receiving daily alerts of cyberthreats every day.White House

To mitigate the breach, they temporarily disconnected some of the White House users from the network.

As of now, the US’s National Security Agency, Security Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are investigating the hacking incident.

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