The 7 Most Expensive States To Live In The U.S.

The same salary can make you lead a better life in one state compared to another. The cost of living matters a lot if it comes to choosing the state to live in. if you have a modest salary, you should avoid living in these expensive states as you may end up leading a miserable life.

These states have been ranked based on their cost of living. The cost of living index data is obtained from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Centre.



• Here the Cost of Living Index is 125.2
• The Grocery Index is 124
• The Housing Index is 136.1
• The Utilities Index is 116.3
• The Transportation Index is 119
• The Health Index is 120.4



• Here the Cost of Living Index is 127.1
• The Grocery Index is 113.6
• The Housing Index is 176.7
• The Utilities Index is 113.6
• The Transportation Index is 111.1
• The Health Index is 109.7

New Jersey


• Here the Cost of Living Index is 127.6
• The Grocery Index is 108.2
• The Housing Index is 167.7
• The Utilities Index is 117.3
• The Transportation Index is 112.4
• The Health Index is 104.3



• Here the Cost of Living Index is 131.8
• The Grocery Index is 128.4
• The Housing Index is 147
• The Utilities Index is 161.7
• The Transportation Index is 115
• The Health Index is 144.8

New York


• Here the Cost of Living Index is 132.2
• The Grocery Index is 110.6
• The Housing Index is 193.3
• The Utilities Index is 106.8
• The Transportation Index is 112.9
• The Health Index is 103.0

Washington DC


• Here the Cost of Living Index is 139.6
• The Grocery Index is 111.7
• The Housing Index is 249.4
• The Utilities Index is 97
• The Transportation Index is 103.7
• The Health Index is 95.9



• Here the Cost of Living Index is 162.9
• The Grocery Index is 159.7
• The Housing Index is 213.1
• The Utilities Index is 227.8
• The Transportation Index is 125.3
• The Health Index is 113.3

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