Time names Ebola fighters as ‘person’ of 2014

Ebola epidemic has killed more than 6,300 people. But now the rest of the world can sleep at night because a group of men and women are willing to fight against this. On Wednesday, Time magazine named these Ebola fighters as “Person of the year 2014”, paying tribute to their undaunted courage and determination.

This prestigious annual title is for their tireless acts of mercy and courage. The fighters of Ebola are Time’s person of the year 2014. They are willing to take risk for saving lives of people who are the sufferers of this epidemic. This hemorrhagic fever has also affected United States, Spain, Nigeria, Germany and Mali.

Ebola outbreak has taken lives of more than 6,300 people worldwide, majority in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

According to Time, the virus has struck nurses and doctors in unprecedented numbers. The United Nation’s Ebola czar on Tuesday appreciated extensive progress in the battle against the deadly virus. He also warned that the outbreak was still continuing in northern Guinea and western Sierra Leone.

There is a need of more specialists and health workers in such areas where the disease is still spreading continuously. More beds and treatment units are required in the affected countries.

Time editor Nancy Gibbs paid tribute to the individuals in the field such as doctors, nurses, burial teams and ambulance drivers. They are doing their best to keep people safe from this infectious disease.

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