Venezuela Dislodges Three US Diplomats

The United States has dislodged three Venezuelan diplomats on Tuesday; they were given 48 hours to leave the country. This action by the US was taken because the Venezuelan government had done the same act with the US officials in Carascas.

The three Venezuelan delegates who were expelled by the US were First Secretary Ignacio Luis Cajal Avalos, First Secretary Victor Manuel Pisani Azpurua and Second Secretary Marcos Jose Garcia Figueredo.

The US diplomats were expelled by the Venezuelan President Mr. Nicolus Maduro on the grounds of Infidelity. The latter suspected the US diplomats to be on sides of the opposition in order to dethrone him.

Jay Carneyt, the Whitehouse spokesperson said what is happening in Venezuela is really unfortunate and said that the US diplomats are innocent who have been expelled. Jay further told the press that President Maduro should show his convergence towards the grievances of his people by having a word with them and should not involve US in it as the issue is between Nilocas and his very own people.

“The fate of Venezuela was and is always in the hands the Venezuelans and this was clear between them all along” Jay said.

Psaki said she Wshington is still open to a diplomatic relationship with President Nicolus but for that Venezula has to show earnestness for US to move further with the process. She further said that by expelling US diplomats the Venezuelan government has shown insensitivity.

In this month the opponents of Maduro have raged a country wide protests against the present government.Authorities have confined about 460 members out of whom some are police officials and a few are members of Ntional Guard, remains under watch.

Situation in Venezuelan though was violent sometime back is now brought under control. The new ambassador to the US was announced shortly after the Washington announcement. The Foreign minister of Venzuela, Mr.Elias Jaua announced Maximilien Sanchez Arelaiz as the new ambassador of Venezuelan to the US.

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