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What Could Apple Announce Next Week At WWDC?

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will take place between June 8 and 12, 2015 in San Francisco. This conference will feature over 1,000 Apple engineers, hands-on labs, more than 100 technical sessions, and the Apple Design Awards.

We expect Apple to make some big announcements at this conference. Apart from the expansion in Apple’s music apps and services and the new operating systems for the iPad, iPhone and Mac, the company could have some other surprises for its consumers.

Here’s the breakdown about what we expect Apple to announce at WWDC according to the TIME magazine’s report.

  • New Iphone/Ipad OS
    The focus of the new iPhone/iPad OS is expected to be on bug fixes, stability, and on making the OS work with old devices such as the iPhone 4S. Other new features may include a ‘dual-app viewing mode’ for the iPad, a ‘transit routes in Apple Maps’, and ‘Proactive’, a digital assistant interface.
  • Music Subscription Service
    Those who love music will not be left behind. Apple may get into the music streaming ring. We expect the company to announce a new music subscription service whose cost is likely to be $10 a month. For this amount, the subscribers will have access to millions of songs.
  • New Mac Os X 10.11
    This new operating system update for desktops and laptops is expected to focus on some improvements under the hood. There’s also a new security system called “Rootless” that will boost security by blocking users’ access to certain files. Macs may also get a new typeface based on the San Francisco font.
  • Revamped Itunes Radio With Celebrity Djs
    Apple is said to be planning to retool its Internet radio service iTunes with focus on celebrity DJs. This radio service was launched by Apple in 2013. Designed to complement the new music service, iTunes Radio gives people a way to listen to music for free. The revamped service may include more local content and new stations that are created and hosted by DJs.
  • Revamped Apple Tv Set-Top Box
    Rumors are suggesting that Apple may unveil an update to its TV Set-Top box. The update may be in the form of a complete overhaul of the existing Apple TV. The new set-top box may also have support for Siri and an App Store for downloading games and apps. The new set-top box might be accompanied by a subscription television service.

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